Dilase 125 - Plug and Play direct laser writing equipment

Easy-to-use direct laser writing equipment

Handy, robust and user-friendly maskless equipment, Dilase 125 offers the essential of laser lithography: a vacuum sample chuck onto motorized X-Y 100 x 100mm stages and a laser source aligned with a unique very large depth focus optical line, enabling to reach 1x30 aspect ratio.

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Dilase 125 optical treatment line

An innovative technology

First plug and play direct laser writing equipment, Dilase 125 offers many technological breakthroughs:

Three writing modes available: vector, scanning and a combination of both

The combination of both modes by fast filling in scanning mode and the finalizing contours in vector mode provides perfectly straight pattern edges with no roughness.

A 1x30 aspect ratio guaranteed

Thanks to our specific optical treatment line.

Automatic tests to find the optimal focus and dose

User-friendly, direct laser writer Dilase 125 allows you to run automatic tests to find the optimal focus and dose and thus, saves a lot of time.

Plug and play direct laser writing system

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High aspect ratio

The specific optical treatment line designed by Kloe enables the user a unique capacity to produce microstructures with a minimum 1x30 aspect ratio guaranteed. This means that a spot size of 5µm allows writing 5µm linewidth in layers as thick as 150µm, and in a similar manner a spot of 10µm in a 300µm thick layer while sidewalls remain perfectly straight and parallel to each other.

Dilase 125 software

Specific software for direct laser writing equipment

Like the other Dilase equipment, Dilase 125 is equipped with the software suite DilaseSoft and KloeDesign, which enables the user to run all steps from conception to fabrication of your lithographic patterns.

Design software KloeDesign

Allows you to draw any type of microfluidic, optical, microelectronic pattern... thanks to a library of predefined objects. Industrial files, such as DXF or GDSII, can be easily loaded to conceive from simple to more complex designs.
Ergonomics functions available: self attachment between elements, zoom centered on mouse position... 

Specific piloting software DilaseSoft

Manages the platform that equips the direct laser writer. Once the circuit design file is loaded into DilaseSoft, different guided procedures lead the user through the lithography process, from the beginning to the end.

  • Linear writing speed: up to 100mm/s
  • Address grid​: 200nm 
  • Repeatability: 200nm
  • Accepted sample size​: from 3x3mm² to 4” and up to 5” for square substrates
  • Accepted substrate thickness: from 250µm to 5mm
  • Laser beam size: 5µm
  • Aspect ratio: 1x30
  • Realignment accuracy (option): 2µm
  • Dimensions: 494 x 565 x 626mm
  • Weight: 105kg / 231lbs
  • Available laser sources​: Standard 405nm (50mW), Option 375nm (70mW)
  • 1 beam size
  • Video realignment system (option) accuracy: 2µm
  • Accepted files format: DXF, GDSII, LWI
  • Motorized focal length
  • Integrated design software : KloeDesign, DilaseSoft
  • Three writing modes: vectorial, scanning and a combination of both
  • Anti-vibration table in option
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