Photolithography is the key word for Dilase technology, Kloe is today the world leader of high-resolution direct laser writing with a very high aspect ratio over thick photoresist layers. Its expertise in producing laser lithography systems and photosensitive resins provides Kloé with a unique know-how in the control of photon-matter interactions.

Naturally, Kloé makes available to their customers its expertise and know-how of maskless and masking lithography by offering Dilase, UV-KUB and K-ILU product ranges, as well as offering services based on customer specifications. For more than 15 years, Kloé has acquired a broad experience in ultraviolet photoinscription. Exposure under UV-light finds today applications in fields as diversified as Microfluidics, Microelectronics, Photonics, Micromechanics, High Aspect Ratio Structuring (1x40)...





The K-ILU and UV-KUB ranges are equipped with UV sources based on LED. The LED technology enable to benefit from a perfectly monochromatic source therefore inducing an exposure under cold UVs. Moreover the LED allows a continuous or pulsed exposure mode as they do not need to warm-up to work. Consequently, they are highly energy-efficient for an excellent compactness.

The Dilase range is equipped with state-of-the-art laser source technology, optical treatment lines and motorized stages. It enables three writing modes: raster scan mode, vectorial mode and the combination of both to benefit from minimum writing times without compromising the final rendering. The Dilase equipments have an unprecedented very large depth of focus compatible with photoinscription over very thick layers (several hundred microns) with high aspect ratio (up to 1x40).

Negative tone and greyscale photoresists are also offered by Kloé. Based on hybrid organo-mineral materials, these resins have strong optical properties and are as well biocompatible.


Kloé has managed to be surrounded with recognized partners to ensure a global sales and technical support on its entire range of products at an international scale.
Today, Kloé equipments are installed over the 5 continents.

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Distributors list

France : Kloé
1068, rue de la vielle poste
34 000 Montpellier - France
Phone: +33 (0)4 67 82 19 10
Fax: +33 (0)4 67 73 14 85
Sales Manager : Mr. Paul COUDRAY

Japon : BEAMS
Machida Technopark
Center Building 6F
Oyamagaoka 2-2-5, Machida 194-0215
Phone: 81 (0)427 974 141
Product Manager: Mr. Lewis KIKUCHI

Allemagne: Laser2000
Laser 2000 GmbH
Argelsrieder Feld 14
82234 Wessling
Phone: +49 8153 405-0
Fax: +49 8153 405-33
Product Manager: Marco M. Golla

Chine: Laserwort.
Unit 603, 6/F, Nanyang Plaza,
57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone:(852) 2881 0555
Fax: (852) 2577 6660
Product Manager: Willis CHOI

Inde : Simco Global Technology&
Systems Ltd. Simco House
14 Bhawani Kunj, Behind Sector-D, Pocket-II
Vasant Kunj
New Dehli 110 070
Phone: +91-11-26899867 / 26894181
Fax: +91-11-26899867 / 26894181
Product Manager: Mr. Navin SINGHAL

U.S.A : Kloé USA
Paul Maciel
7 Fifield Brook Road Kingston, NH 03840 USA
Phone: 408-313-9329
Product Manager: Mr Paul MACIEL

Israel : Pico Tech
17 Hamefalsim st., Petach Tikva,
Zip 49514
Phone: +44 1480 396 395
Product Manager: Mr Michael BELENKI

Australie: Raymax Lasers
37/5 Ponderosa Parade
NSW 2102
Phone:+61 2 9979 7646
Fax:+61 2 9979 8207
Product Manager: Cédric CHAMINADE

Taïwan : Collimage International Co. Ltd.
4F n°232 sec.3 Hoping East Road
Taïpei 106 Taïwan R.O.C.Tél: 02-8732-8585
Phone: 02-8732-8585
Fax: 02-8732-8586
Product Manager: Mr. Alan TUAN


SARL Local n°11 Cité El-Hanna 
Annaba 23000 ALGERIE
Phone: (+213) 038 430 093
Fax: (+213) 038 430 093
Product Manager: Mr. Moustapha HADDOUR

United-Kingdom : PHOTON LINES Ltd
Bloxham Mill, Barford Road
Bloxham, Banbury
OX15 4FF Oxfordshire, UK
Phone: +44 (0)1295 724 225
Fax: +44 (0)1295 724 226

Turkey : Rotalab
Konutkent Mah,
3028. Cad, (West Gate) No:2 C/231
06810 Cankaya Ankara/Turkey
Phone: +90 (312)241 21 40
Fax: +90 (312)241 21 50

Singapour : Polaris
Polaris Science Pte Ltd
18 Kakit Bukit Road 3
#04-10, Entrepreneur Business Centre
Singapore 415978
Phone: +65 96718338


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Having a broad experience in the field of ultraviolet photoinscription with writing resolutions of several hundreds of nanometers, Kloé allows you to have a really good reproducibility of your process.

Thereby, for their rapid prototyping, the areas of microelectronics, optics, biotechnologies and other industrial sectors finds a real interest in Kloé's technology.

They trust us

Kloé has succeeded in gaining the trust of many public and private organisms, national and international. Partnerships ensured a coherent development of its technology, products and sales activity. Today, Kloé's products have convinced several hundreds of academic and industrial customers worldwide.

Hot news

Kloé, Silver sponsor and exhibitor at µTAS 2017 Conference in Savannah, Geogia USA

09/12/2017 - 12:09 For the 3rd time, Kloé will sponsor the big annual meeting gathering the most renowned scientific researchers from the worldwide microfluidic community which will be held from the 22nd to the 26th of October 2017 in Savannah, Georgia, USA,. This event will be a new oportunity for Kloé to meet and follow the most recent developments from all our partners and customers working in microfluidics, biomedical and biotechnology activities from a large range of countries. Learn more >