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Temperature sensor

A well-managed technology

A well-managed technology

The Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) technology used by Kloé benefits today from a return of experience of more than 35 years for the exploitation of similar components by Telecom industry. On the other hand, our company offer its fiber optics and optical integrated sensors for more than 10 years. We integrate in those components the upmost innovative solutions as much in terms of microfabrication than in the optoelectronic monitoring equipments range.

With more than a dozen of equipped sites (having from a few dozen to several hundreds of sensors), Kloé company has a significant experience, essential to design and install high performance solutions in increasingly challenging environments.  



Low intrusive installation

Our teams have designed several installation  and deployment methods of fiber optic cables for detection, in order to answer to the integration requirements of varied sites. Therefore, our solutions can be supplied under the form of pre-cabled fibers in order to answer certain applications requirements, or can be deployed " by portage" in pre-installed tubes.

Having at our disposal the entire range of nomad equipements necessary to the cables assembly ( soldering fibers...) and to any integrity controls of the cables, our team is equipped and trained to guaranty the performances of our systems on every intervention site.  

Low intrusive installation
Precision in real-time

Precision in real-time

  • Range of temperatures available in standard : - 180°C up to + 150°C
  • Up to 100 sensors on a single optical cable
  • Up to 8 fibers can be monitored with an unique interrogator in standard (more on demand)
  • High temperature sensitivity (up to 0.1°C)
  • Perfect reversibility of the informations received (no hysteresis effect)
  • High reactivity of the sensors : instantaneous time response
  • Time necessary to refresh the data (per cable) < 10 sec
  • Measurable distance  (in standard) : 0 - 50 Km
  • Frequency based measurement : minor influence of the signal intensity level (S/N : 45dB)
  • No particular maintenance needed

Our associated monitoring solutions

Kloé has designed and marketed a complete range of interrogation systems compatible with K-FBGs, the K-FBG Monitoring Units, adapted to the monitoring of these temperature sensors. We offer several monitoring solutions according to the area of applications, the on-site configuration and the density of measurement points expected. Therefore, systems compatilble with 30, 60 or 100 sensors per sensing cable is able to interrogate from 1 to 8 optical fibers. Each of these systems can be packaged into a nomad version to facilitate the on-site portability, or into static version, in the form of an equipped storage bay, ventilated or air-conditionned.